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          Online Sevice

          • Nantong YUEYE Textile Co., Ltd.
          • Tel:0086-513-85261533 
          • Fax:0086-513-85261511
          • ADD:No,1111 Taiping Road(N),Guanyin Shan Street,Nantong Jiangsu.China
          • E-mail:gjx@jsyyfz.com


             Nantong YueYe Textiles Co., Ltd. is located in Guanyinshan town of Nantong city, which is the famous textile town with the name of "the first city in modern China". It is in China's most active economic core area of the Yangtze River Delta. To the east of Nantong is Yellow Sea and Su Tong Bridge is on the south of it Nantong Port is on the west and there is Xin chang Railway on the north. Nantong Airport is just a few kilometers from Nantong and&middot; it is next to Shanghai and Suzhou across the Yangtze River. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in manufacturing and exporting middle& high-grade yarn-dyed fabrics. We integrate manufacturing, trading and processing with independent Importand Export Trading Right The company's registered capital is 55 million RMB. We have a total area of 25000 square meters, we have more than 400 employees with more than 80 million fixed asset.
              Our company specializes in producing various kinds of middle and high grade of yam-dyed fabrics with ten years of production experience. Our main products are: poplin crepe, dobby, stretch and oxford etc. Our annual production reaches more than 12 million meters; the products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe and America, Hong Kong and other countries and areas. Our products are vored by not only domestic but also overseas customers. We have a complete range of equipments, the main equipment are: 48 Toyota air jet looms imported from Japan, 32 rapier looms, 2 large sizing machines and a smaller one, 5 high-speed warping machines and one automatic warping machine, 3 high-speed winders and 8 normal winders, and our dyeing equipments, weaving machines and testing equipments are also fully equipped.
              Over the years the company has devoted to put into a modem enterprise management system, construction of the enterprise as the goal. Besides, our company has also promoted advanced enterprise informationized (ERP) system. Our company insists on the "human centered" concept and puts the talents squad construction in the first place to carry out the scientific, modem, standardized and humanistic enterprise management mode. In addition, our company has passed the international standard ISO9001:2000 certification system and was awarded as Nantong AAA enterprise.
              Our company seeks the first-class quality and first-class service with continuous innovation to devote to the whole guest company and foot on the competition in the international market. The aim of our company is: "To win by quality is our unique choice; To satisfy our customers is our perpetual aspire." Our company deeply hopes we have chance to cooperate with guest companies all over the world widely to make our common development

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